Process Of Spectrum Roadrunner Email Settings For Android Device

Roadrunner email settings for your Android is a little bit difficult as compared to other settings. So, in case if you are also want to Setup TWC Email on your Android smartphone, it can be not easy for you actually to get it to work. Even if you know about Roadrunner then, you welly see that it is not as popular as other electronic mail services like Yahoo, Gmail etc. Still, it has a significant base of customer. Maybe that’s why many users prefer Roadrunner electronic mail service can use as a variety of platforms, which includes Android, iPhone, iPad etc.

Therefore many people have given up, and due to this, they Setup their Roadrunner email settings to work via Google mail. But here in our website of comes with some significant steps by which one can get it working directly with the Spectrum Roadrunner android app though. All you need to do is use or follow these steps carefully in sequence.

Roadrunner Email Settings

Steps For Spectrum Roadrunner Email Settings In Android Device

By the below-mentioned steps, you or anyone can easily Setup or update the android device in Spectrum Roadrunner email.

  1. Firstly, on your android phone visit to the mail app and also, you have to select the settings option.
  2. Then, you have to click on the button of “Add a new email account” button under the settings menu.
  3. After that, one should select POP3 but, here you have to note that you can choose IMAP. In case if you prefer IMAP settings over POP.
  4. Later you have to provide complete Roadrunner email address with the password of yours.
  5. Then, select or choose manual Setup and enter the information given under the screen of Incoming Settings. This information listed in the below section.

List Of Manual Setup Information

  • In this information firstly, you have to enter your Roadrunner email username
  • Then, enter your roadrunner email account password.
  • After that you have to add the hostname of Incoming Mail Server.
  • Then use Incoming Port of 110
  • Or lastly, in Security section you have to Type None.
  1. When you are done with entering this account information, then, in step six, you should have to click on the next option.
  1. Then, enter the information which is listed below under the screen of Outgoing Settings.
  1. And finally, you have to enter your email account preference and give a personal name to your account.

So, by applying the steps mentioned above, you can easily do Roadrunner Email settings for your Android Device. We hope that like our previous articles on Roadrunner email this post will be useful for you. 

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